Memberships and Birthdays Update

Memberships and Birthdays Update

We know lots of you are looking forward to the release of our memberships and birthday offers, however we are committed to providing exceptional experiences that meet the highest standards of quality and enjoyment. 

To ensure that our new offers live up to those standards, we are taking additional time to enhance and refine both the content of our packages and the systems that support them.

What This Means for You:


The launch of our new membership tiers is being delayed. We are working diligently to upgrade these memberships, to give a smoother user experience.

Birthday Packages

The introduction of our birthday packages is also being postponed. 

We aim to create unforgettable birthday experiences, and deliver joy and excitement in the most seamless way possible.

We understand this may be disappointing news, particularly for those eagerly anticipating these offerings. Please know that this decision was made with your best interests in mind.

Next Steps and Updates:

Part of the upgrade to memberships is waiting for our new payment gateway, so that we can move away from PayPal. 

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We deeply appreciate your patience and understanding during this period. Our team is excited about the enhancements we are making and we can’t wait to share them with you.